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What is clubhouse? Let’s Chat – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

[vc_video link=’’] This video is based around photographers and how to best use the clubhouse app in your business. I’m going to run through the What How Why Opportunities Pros Cons Warning Show you the …


Why photography is so important to grandparents

Why photography is so important to grandparents? My mum lives interstate and while I was down in Melbourne I was staying at my mum’s house in the spare bedroom and its hard not to notice …


All Photographers are Vultures

“All photographers are a pack of vultures!” Not the words you want to hear in a design room! This is what happens when we are not transparent and honest with our clients from the start …


Take the Dam Mile!

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Give an inch and take a mile” And normally this is said in a negative way of someone taking advantage of a situation. E.g. like when your kids …


Covid-19: How to Minimise the Impact on Your Photography Business

  [vc_video link=’′] The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much panic throughout Australia and will undoubtedly have a devastating impact on thousands of photography business. With the Australian Government banning events and advising against unnecessary travel, …

Authentic branding for your ideal client with Kate Ellis

Authentic Branding for Your Ideal Client with Kate Ellis

Standing out in a crowded market place is hard! Not to mention a FLOODED marketing place full of photographers all vying for the same clients. So how do you capture the attention of your ideal clients, create a brand that resonates with your audience WITHOUT selling your soul? On this episode of Walk The Talk Webinar, we chat to Kate Ellis – one of Adelaide’s leading pregnancy, newborn, baby, child and family photographers.


How to Boost Your Photography Sales with the Ultimate Client Experience

Being a photographer, sometimes it’s frustrating to see others in the industry who have mediocre photography, yet they’re the ones getting booked. They’re the ones that are booked out three to six months in advance, making all the money and sharing it on Facebook and Instagram… and it frustrates you!

It drives you nuts because their photography is average, but they’re getting lots of work.

That’s because the “planned experience” affects everything! It’s not just your photography that stands out. 

The client experience can be divided into eight different areas. What I want you to understand is that everything affects everything. The experience is just as important as the photographs we take.

So what are the eight areas? 


How In Person Sales Can Dramatically Increase Your Profits

  In any business, there are two main ways to generate more revenue – you either increase your volume and take on more clients OR you increase your prices. As a photographer, increasing your volume …


Evergreen Facebook Ad Funnels with Andrew Hellmich

Are you running Facebook Ads and getting nothing but crickets? Does the word “funnel” send shivers down your spine?

To break through a noisy market place, you need to implement long-term and sustainable marketing strategies that will attract the right type of client.

You know those types of clients … the ones that book you for YOU!

Because they know you offer that extra special “something” that no one else can.


35 Expert Marketing Ideas to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market

[vc_separator type=’transparent’ position=’center’ color=” thickness=” up=’50’ down=”] [vc_video link=’’] Are you tired of losing money because you don’t stand out in your market? Are you getting left behind by your competitors? Getting the attention of …


15 Secret Photography Price List Tricks to Increase Your Sales

Could you use some extra money each month? Creating a price list and making it work for you can be one of the biggest challenges you face in business. When done correctly though, it can be a great source for increasing your regular income.

In this video, I share 15 Secret Photography Price List Tricks to increase your sales.

The video includes some easy and practical ways you can make your price list work for you.

Let’s face it. If you make it easy for your clients to buy your artwork, it will increase your sales dramatically.


Facebook Live for Photographers: The Do’s, Don’ts & Top Tips

Ahh, Facebook Live Streaming. Words that sparks dread in a lot of people.

Most of my clients say they see the value of doing Facebook live streaming. They also see the potential it has to build their audience. But for many, they still struggle to remove themselves from behind the camera to share their knowledge in front of it.

Can you relate?