Sprint Courses

One-to-one photography business short courses, designed with the end result in mind!

Being a Photographer and a Photography Business Coach, Mark understands there are many options in learning and education. You could download a course, do a workshop or go to a conference and learn the skills to implement on your own. You could even hire a coach, however long term coaching (minimum 6 – 12 months) can be too much of a big investment or commitment for some.

Don’t you wish you could just sit down with someone who is an expert in their field, who’s been there and done that, and get the answers you are looking for in the topic that you are stuck on? This is exactly why Mark has developed “Sprint” photography business courses.

So, what is a “Sprint” photography business course? It’s a specialised photography business short course designed with one objective in mind – to get you the results you are looking for in the quickest and most effective way. Mark will personally take you step by step through the course to ensure that you gain a great understanding and that you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

You can buy the course now and do the one to one coaching session within 4 months time. Click on the courses you are interested in to read the full description and see what the outcomes and takeaways are. When you purchase a course, Mark will contact you directly to arrange a date and time to take the class. Each course and duration is different.

With so many to choose from, which sprint course should I do first?
If you can fill out this FREE coaching strategy session. This will help Mark find out alittle more about you and your current situation. He will contact you so you can have a chat and find out which course is best for you.

If you have any questions at all, please email or call Mark directly on 0439552710

Payright is available for all sprint courses with a minimum of 10% deposit. That’s only $60 to get you started! Please note: extra fees apply.

Click on the sprint course to watch a short video, read up on the course description, take aways, expected outcomes and duration. Sprint course start at $595

Full Day Coaching (8 hours)

This is for people who really want to dive in and take control. Endurance coaching is great for the hand holding experience, but this is like business coaching on steroids! Before we start I will give you 60 question plus to answer then customize the 8 hours just for you and your business to get the most information and make sure you understand it and have a plan to execute it in the quickest and most effective way. It will blow your mind!

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Half Day Coaching (4 hours)

Its 4 hours of action packed coaching customised for your business. Its an ask me anything scenario as we can cover a whole range of topics, nothing is off topic. I can help you find clarity, direction, define your business and help you go in the direction you need to go. If you are looking at doing multiple sprint course, this is the most cost effective way to go.

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Business Models Products and Price list

So which one is the best to start with? This one. It’s by far my most popular sprint course. This course will set up your foundations to suit you, your life style and your business. Then we select the right products to suit your brand and the business model. Then create an awesome creative price list that has had huge success for 100’s of photographers all over the world. It’s not until you set up these foundations that you can set up your website, booklets, talk to people, etc. because you don’t even know the experience you want to give them!!! Get it right the first time and walk away with a completed price list just for you!

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Website Review

Everyone need a website! It’s our shop front! So lets make sure we get it right with the layout, language, content and usability. Education is the new marketing! So let’s make sure you have the right information to help educate your client about you, the experience you give and the products they will love to have. What do you prefer from your inquiry form “Can you send me your price list?” or ” When is your availability?”

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Systems & Workflow

Is your photography business working effectively to run like a well oiled machine? If you got 100 leads today, would you have an organized system, a CRM that you know how it works and actually know what to do with them all? Are you giving your clients the right information at the right time to help them make the right choice that you are the right photographer for them? In this class we are going to set yourself up for the win with every client. Just like a successful franchise business, lets get the house in order.

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Phone Calls To Bookings

If superman was photographer, the phone would be his kryptonite! Photographers run from the phone like it’s the plague. The main reason is that they don’t know what to say and when to say it. You don’t need a big script, or massive check list. You just need to make sure you cover the two major components “Practical and emotional” Part of the conversation and then I’m going to give you about 10 questions that you can ask to keep a conversation alive for hours (if you wanted to) Best to practice on your partners and kids. its alot of fun. The take you through how to answer the “how much is…..?” question. As you know you make a client from the first phone call, lets get this working for you asap!

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