So, what is a “Sprint” photography business course? 

It’s a specialised photography business short course designed with one objective in mind – to get you the results you are looking for most quickly and effectively.

Each course comes with online Masterclass training videos with a comprehensive workbook, scripts and templates.

FYI – Sprint courses are only available with 121 and endurance coaching options. They can not be purchased separately 

Which area do you need help in your business? 

This is a quick guide to help you understand which sprint course is which and where do you need help in your business.

  • The Photography business Blueprint is a MUST to get your Pricelist, products and business model sorted.
  • Super Charge Your Website is for when you have your pricelist, products and business model sorted it’s now to get the message across and turn your website into a marketing lead generation machine!
  • Calls that Convert now you have the leads coming in lets convert them to bookings, learn what to say, when to say it!
  • Systems and Workflow Mastery is all about the client experience, consistency and making the most out of every client with clever automation workflows.
  • Selling Your Artwork If you want to understand how everything links together then this is the one for you. I’ll take you through the 14 steps from Enq to Sale
  • The MindSet of a Professional Photographer Stop being your worst enemy and back yourself!

The Photography Business Blueprint

“Business models, products and pricelists that set you up for success, growth and profits”

So which course is the best to start with? This one. It’s by far my most popular Sprint course. This course will set up your foundations to suit you, your lifestyle and your business. We will select the right products to suit your brand and the business model and then create an awesome creative price list that has had huge success for 100’s of photographers all over the world. It’s not until you set up these foundations that you can set up your website, booklets, talk to people, etc. because you don’t even know the experience you want to give them! Get it right the first time and walk away with a completed price list just for you!


  • Understand your personality type and how it effects your business and the business model you choose
  • Understand the most successful business models within the portrait and wedding photography industry, then choose the one that best suits you
  • Select which products you would like to offer to suit your business model
  • Create a price list that’s profitable, easy to understand and that you’re comfortable with to present to your clients

Course includes:  An online Masterclass training video (1:25mins) and comprehensive workbook (28 pages), scripts and templates.

Supercharge Your Website

“Take your website from a pretty portfolio to a marketing and sales generating machine”

Every photographer needs a website –  it’s our shop front! With literally thousands of photographers out there these days, how is your website standing out from the crowd? Are you being found? So let’s make sure we get it right with the layout, language, content and usability as education is the new marketing. You need to have the right information to help educate your client about you, the experience you give and the products they will love to have. Which do you prefer from your enquiry form –  “Can you send me your price list?” or ” When is your availability?”


  • Understand the major fundamentals that are needed in a highly functional experience website
  • Go though the website page by page check list
  • Learn how to make your website read like and book, to guide your clients journey through your website to book in your services
  • Show the four most common website layouts and have access to some of Marks coaching clients websites to learn from

Course includes: an online Masterclass Training Video (40mins) and comprehensive workbook (18 Pages), scripts and templates. 

Calls That Convert

“How to educate and connect with your clients to get booked on the spot”

If Superman was a photographer, the phone would be his kryptonite! Photographers run from the phone like it’s the plague. The main reason is that they don’t know what to say and when to say it. You don’t need a big script, or massive checklist – you just need to make sure you cover the two major components of the conversation; “practical” and “emotional”. In this course I’m going to give you around 10 questions that you can ask to keep a conversation alive for hours (if you wanted to), which are also great to practice on your partners and kids. It’s alot of fun!  I’ll then take you through how to answer the “how much is…..?” question. You can make a client from the first phone call, so let’s get this working for you ASAP!


  • Mark will teach you his 6 step plan to educating your clients
  • Learn how to convert your enquires into bookings with 13 closing styles
  • Learn how to talk about and then shoot with the end product in mind
  • Connect with your clients like never before with advanced NLP communication skills

Course includes: an online Masterclass Training Video (1:25mins) and comprehensive workbook (28 pages), scripts and templates.

Systems & Workflow Mastery

“Streamline your business for growth, with an amazing client experience to create bigger profits”

Is your photography business working effectively and running like a well oiled machine? If you got 100 leads today, would you actually know what to do with them all? Do you have an organised system including a CRM that you know how to use? Are you giving your clients the right information at the right time to help them make the right choice that you are the right photographer for them? In this course we are going to set yourself up for the win with every client. Just like a successful franchise business, let’s get the house in order and streamline your systems and workflow.


  • Go though and help create a step by step systems and workflow flow chart, from the first contact all the way to the client picking up their artwork.
  • A greater understanding of your own business
  • Show real photography clients printed collateral and documents.
  • This ultimately helps create happier, better-educated clients who receive a great client experience. Which equals to  higher sales

Course includes: an online Masterclass Training Video (1:15mins) and comprehensive workbook (32 pages), scripts and templates.

Selling Your Artwork

“Generate bigger sales and set yourself up for the win, Without being a salesperson!”

It’s all too common these days to hear phrases like “I can’t find the right clients” or “You live in a better area than me”, or even “You’re just so lucky you have good clients all the time”. But I can assure you that clients are made, not found!

The “Selling Your Work” was a platform masterclass that was designed to help educate your clients throughout the whole client experience to generate bigger sales and set yourself up for the win, without being a salesperson.


We go through the 14 step journey one step at a time. The first 7 steps are all about marketing and educating the clients from initial contact until the booking before the actual shoot to set yourself up for the win. The next 7 steps are all about shooting to sell with the end product in mind to how to collect the money at the end.

This is all achieved through great client education, understanding the psychology of sales and the client buying cycles, and by giving the right information at the right time. This is an action-packed platform class with 1.5 hours of practical advice and tasks that you can implement right away. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in your photography journey – all of the techniques taught are proven and tested over 10 years and are transparent, honest and customer-focused to give you the best opportunity to sell your artwork without having to sell at all.

Course includes:  This video is the recording from my 1.5-hour platform masterclass at the baby summit.

The mindset of a professional photographer

“Mark’s 6 top tips to reduce anxiety in your photography business”

So what do I know about overcoming anxiety? When I was a young boy, my life was a bit more challenging than most… I have a unique story that I would love to share with you that will change the way you view anxiety and how you deal with it in your photography business. A lot has happened since then… Now I’m a double master photographer with the AIPP, qualified Life and business coach and NLP practitioner, and international speaker.

I have put together two videos for you to watch. The first is my story and understanding anxiety, stress the psychology and physiological on your body. I have practical steps and exercise, you can do to help you deal with your anxiety and stress from a life coaching perspective. Also, help to acknowledge how this is effecting your photography business.

Then the second video is “Mark’s 6 top tips to reduce anxiety in your photography business.” How client education, prior preparation and practice can dramatically reduce your fear and anxiety. Anxiety is heightened when you are stressed and under pressure. It’s time to get back in control of our business’s  

This is as personal and vulnerable as it gets, my heart is on its sleeve. So please make this a judgement-free zone. I hope my story can inspire you to be all that you can be. Enjoy 🙂

The Ultimate wedding workflow

“Wow your couples with your service, maximise your packages and albums sales”

This wedding Sprint course is designed to look at your whole wedding business holistically. We go through your business from top to bottom starting at your website, through to phone calls (what, when and how to say it) to your initial consults where we will cover the flow of your appointments. We’ll then cover the booking process, pre-wedding meeting, shooting for the album and the end product in mind. We’ll also cover the design consult and how to make the most of your images and create the ultimate wedding album to wow your clients and get the upgrades without having to be a pushy sales person. This is HUGE for anyone who has been a digital file photographer only and is moving into wedding albums.


  • Help you to be a better photographer and business owner as we streamline your business
  • Go though and help create a step by step systems and workflow flow chart, from the first contact all the way to the client picking up their wedding album and wall artwork.
  • How to get the album and wall art upgrades each and every time

Course includes: an online Masterclass Training Video (1:15mins) and comprehensive workbook (23 pages), scripts and templates.