Endurance Coaching

Endurance Coaching – Building a business for the future.

So what comes first – the chicken or the egg? You can run marketing campaign after marketing campaign generating lots of leads, but sooner or later realise that you burn most of your leads and you have a low average order because you don’t have the rights systems and procedures set up to maximise your return on investment. Endurance coaching is the way forward to make major changes in your business.

You’re working harder not smarter.

So what is “Endurance Coaching”?

It’s taking the time to make sure all your ducks are lined up in a row including your business model, product, price list, systems and procedures, software, CRM, marketing material, your branding, client education, website, everything that you need to run a successful photography business.

Mark has a 100 page plus pre written operations manual template and marketing collateral templates that you will use and work through. This alone is worth its weight in gold! 10 Years of refining the portrait photography industry at your finger tips.

It’s a complete hand holding experience

Mark works with you one on one via zoom (or in person depending on location) to guide and help you build a business for the future that is profitable and systemised using tried and tested methods, to make the most of every client and marketing opportunity.

There is a minimum of a four month program where we set up fortnightly meetings for 1.5 hours each (any sooner and you won’t get your homework done), and you have unlimited phone and email access to Mark (within reason :)) and his resources. All sessions are recorded so you can go back and re-watch them time and time again and you don’t have to stress in the session to remember it all.

Mark understands if you could work on your business full time 40 hours a week you could have everything up and running in half the time. But with family life, other work commitments and just being realistic with time, the whole idea is to get yourself up and running asap, then create a well constructed 12 month marketing plan to suit you and your business. By the end of the four months you should be flying solo with confidence and all the knowledge and resources you need to build your business.

As a bonus any workshops that are being run in this time are included in the endurance coaching package.

To give you 110% of Marks attention, this package is limited to a maximum of 6 clients only at any one time. Contact Mark to see if this is the right option for you and if there are any places available or if you have to go on the waiting list.

How it Works

Every coaching session is fully customised to your needs.

At the beginning of your coaching package, you and Mark will examine each of the different areas in your photography business, including your family life and the dreams and direction you may want to take.

This gives a way of seeing the bigger picture, of stepping back to take stock and really understand what’s happening. Specific goals and tasks are defined, with a plan created to get you one step closer to achieving your dream business.

There are so many areas that you could cover – there’s the marketing, client experience, phone calls, shooting, editing, ProSelect, database, system set-ups, selling techniques, product design, price lists, studio layout – the list is endless! A week could be spent on just one topic!

Mark is mindful of time and maximises every moment spent together. In the initial planning sessions, Mark makes sure you are both on the same page and going in the same direction, with clear and understood expectations of each other.

Sometimes you will need to work side by side to achieve a specific outcome, and other times there will be a to-do list created. Each client and situation is different.

Mark can’t wait to help you define what success looks like to you, and move closer to your dream business.

Testimonies from endurance coaching clients.