Let's Get your business Booming!

Time to work smarter and not harder with proven systems workflows and marketing that works with the Endurance Coaching Program

Just imagine where your business could be if you had a Business Development Manager!

Are you sick of wasting your time second-guessing everything you do? 

Going through the motions of trial and error process time after time… You know what your trying to do has worked for others but you just can’t get it to work for yourself! Business just feels overwhelmingly crazy and you are not sure which way is up anymore!?!

You run marketing campaign after marketing campaign generating lots of leads, but sooner or later realise that you burn most of your leads and you have a low average order because you don’t have the right systems and procedures set up to maximise your return on investment. 

You LOVE being a photographer, but being a business owner is tough! You have had a few wins along the way and it’s time to really make this business work for you, and your family and you want that lifestyle that photography brings to you.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone in your corner who has walked the walk and talked the talk? Someone that you can just call up and bounce ideas off, to have access to over 25 years of family and wedding photography experience, someone who has coached 100’s of clients all over the world!

Hiring staff, Recruiting and managing a team can be quite demanding, consuming both your time and energy. It involves ongoing supervision to ensure tasks are executed correctly from the outset. While your team may carry out assigned responsibilities, they might lack the industry expertise needed to excel or ask the pertinent questions, leaving you with the additional task of training them to propel your business forward.

My MISSION is to help you work SMARTER and NOT HARDER! This is going to save you hours and hours of time and you WILL make MORE money than EVER before!

What is Endurance Coaching?

Has been designed to make sure you have set up your business properly the first time!
Let’s get your business on track to where you want it to be. We cover all things business models, products, price list, systems and procedures, software, CRM, marketing material, your branding, client education, website, etc.

Everything that you need to run a successful and profitable photography business.
It’s a monthly step-by-step, ongoing complete hand-holding implementation program where I work with you to achieve your business goals by working through my extensive coaching programs that have been tried and tested by 100’s of Professional Photographers from all over the world. 

How Does Endurance Coaching Work?

As its month-by-month, you can cancel at any time. However, it takes time to implement some of these systems and workflows. It will depend on your level of business skills and assets you already have implemented in your business. We recommend that you allow 3-6 months to really see the benefits of our time together.  

PLEASE NOTE: This is limited to only 4-6 people at a time. Contact me to check the availability ASAP or go on the waiting list for the next available spot.  



Build the foundations for scalability and growth by identifying areas in your business that you a rockstar at and areas that you need to work on.



Create and refine your price list thats profitable, easy to understand, learn how to maximise your profits while creating raving fans!



Automate your systems and workflow that will allow you to grow your business, with an amazing client experience that is effective with your time and efforts.



Set up all your business assets that will allow you to scale and grow your business to the next level. This is perfect for seasoned photographers!



Optimise your client fulfilment system to maximise your client experience and increase your sales without them even noticing.



A "DO IT WITH YOU" approach ensures that you are making the most out of every campaign we create. Running through your passive, active and digital marketing plans to turn you into a marketing machine!



Once you know your business from top to bottom it is a matter of turning it on and off like a tap time and time again.

“Highly, highly, highly recommend, that you do any course with Mark, he knows his stuff inside and out. The endurance coaching is the top it’s the best and absolutely worth it.”

Danielle Minett, NSW

“This is a life changing and an investment into your future 100%. I can’t even describe how helpful and life changing he is. Mark armed me with the ammo that I needed to do proper marketing campaigns and strategies to plan my year in advice.”

Tanha Basile, QLD

“Endurance coaching is just invaluable because it really pushes you out of your comfort zone and make sure that your constantly working on your business and not just in it and keeps me motivated! ”

Alice Rye, QLD

“You changed my life thank you so much! I’ve just done my book keeping for the first 2 quarters and im only $25,000 away from smashing my goals for the whole year! We rehashed a whole lot of things. little tweaks here and there has changed everything.”

Kate Ellis, SA

What is included:

  • Set up dates and times for fortnightly 1:1 coaching via Zoom for 1.5hours at a time
  • Access to me as often as you like… Within reason. Consider me your new team member who is here to help build your business and see you succeed. Your wins are my wins!
  • Access to proven pricelist, systems, workflows, marketing strategies, templates, blueprints, scripts, masterclasses, etc.
  • Shared Google drive with our game plans, stats, marketing plans, etc. 
  • To give you 100% of Marks’s attention, this package is limited to a maximum of 4 clients only at any one time.


Who Endurance coaching is for:

  • Photographers who are happy with the images you produce for your clients.
  • New photographers starting out in the industry and want to learn the business side.
  • Seasoned photographers who want to go to the next level of your business.
  • Have a great attitude and are willing to do the work.
  • They want to be held accountable and on track.
  • Want to learn to maximise their time and efforts in business.
  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!!!


Who Endurance coaching is NOT for:

  • Photographers who are learning how to use their cameras
  • You are looking for a silver bullet
  • Someone to do all the work for them
  • They have no time to actually do the work and tasks that have been set for them


What’s the investment into endurance coaching?

  • $1500AUD per month (Cancel any time, You Get one of my flagship courses. Master Your Marketing, Shooting for Success and The Studio Operations Manual.)

  • $1250AUD per month (Lock in for 4 months and you get ALL of my flagship courses. Master Your Marketing, Shooting for Success and The Studio Operations Manual. Valued at over $6000)



What are you waiting for? Let's do this!