Authentic Branding for Your Ideal Client with Kate Ellis


Standing out in a crowded market place is hard!

Not to mention a FLOODED marketing place full of photographers all vying for the same clients.

So how do you capture the attention of your ideal clients, create a brand that resonates with your audience WITHOUT selling your soul?

On this episode of Walk The Talk Webinar, we chat to Kate Ellis – one of Adelaide’s leading pregnancy, newborn, baby, child and family photographers.

Kate has discovered her branding “sweet spot”.

While other photographers are creating similar logos, using the same website themes and emulating the styles of industry influencers, Kate has created a brand that is uniquely her and infused it into every aspect of her business … even her photography reflects the minimal and neutral themes seen throughout her brand.

How authentic and unique is your brand?

Tune in and you’ll learn tips and trick to:

  • Create a brand that is authentically you
  • Find your “sweet spot” that communicates who you are
  • Ensure you are unique in the market place
  • Attract the right type of client that comes to you for YOU

If you’re considering a rebrand or maybe your brand is in constant state of evolution, this one is for you.

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