Our workshops are a jam packed intensive learning experience chock full of the latest industry trends and information. Mark is a qualified workshop facilitator, so you can be sure each workshop is well organised and delivered to the highest standard.

There are three main workshops “Master Your Marketing”, “Shooting for Success”, “Shoot to Sell / Sell with Proselect” all of which have been sold out around Australia each time.

Master Your Marketing – Online and on demand

“How do I get clients through the door” is the number one question I get asked by photographers from all around the world. “Master Your Marketing” is an online “training on-demand” course with more than 60 videos and hours upon hours of photography marketing gold. We cover everything from The fundamentals of sales & marketing, know your numbers, the gift voucher system, mark’s top marketing strategies, create a 12 month marketing plan, closing and converting and so much more. It’s all proven and tested with photographers from all over the world

Master Your Marketing – In person

This is the workshop you have been waiting for! 8 hours of pure photography marketing, all designed to get your phone ringing with qualified and quality leads, who are excited about you and your photography business. This is all achieved through great client education, understanding the psychology of sales, client buying cycles and giving the right information at the right time. We will go through 100 marketing ideas and you’ll walk away with a 12 month marketing plan to set yourself up for the win! This is YOUR year!

“Shooting for Success” The photographers roadmap Workshop

It’s all too common these days to hear phrases like “I can’t find the right clients” or “you live in a better area than me”, or even “you’re just so lucky you have good clients all the time”. But I can assure you that clients are made, not found! Client education is key to understanding your true value.

As always this practical, content-packed workshop is designed give you the tools and strategies to help educate your clients through the entire client experience to generate bigger sales and set yourself up for the win… without needing to be all hardcore salesy. The workshop will cover from the first enquiry all the way through to helping client purchase their artwork. Mark will be giving you the road map to success, and cover each step of the way.

“Shoot to Sell / Sell with Proselect” IPS Workshop

This practical, content-packed workshop is designed for any photography business professional in any genre, style and location around the world. The business principles and selling techniques are tested and proven over 10 years and are all customer focused to increase client education and ultimately achieve greater sales.