Webinar Details

Thank you for expressing interest in the “Walk the Talk Webinar” Series. These have been great over the years and we can’t wait to have you on the program. 

We are looking for photographers, business professionals and suppliers to present a short 30mins on a specific topic. And then leave a little bit of time for Q&A.

You must be well organized, on time and experienced in this topic. You can use A PowerPoint deck, live examples, before and after examples, etc. If you need it to help explain the topic.

We are looking to do 1 Walk the Talk Webinar per week at different times. So it’s really anytime from mid-March and beyond! If you have any dates in mind please let me know so I can get you booked into the diary. 

If you are not sure let’s connect ASAP and we will find a suitable date and time for us both

Also, could please fill in the details below that would be awesome. we can sort out dates later and I can just write “coming soon” 

You will also get access to the names and emails of all the people attending the webinar. 

Thanks in advance for wanting to be a part of helping the industry.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB