Karen Pike

I’ve been shooting portraiture for a while now, so went into the “Become a master of in person sales” workshop, expecting just to pick up a few Proselect tips and tricks. I was really surprised to find that this workshop however covered the complete step-by-step customer buying experience, from initial contact to end delivery. This workshop is really laid out as a complete system to set yourself and your client up for not only a sale that makes both you and your client happy, but also ensures that you are providing exceptional customer service along the way.

If you are just starting out, this workshop will give you a roadmap to follow, or if you are a seasoned pro, this workshop allows you to look at your entire client experience and work on the areas that need improvement (we all have some!). I’ve only had a chance to implement a few of the steps in this system, and have already seen an increase in the consistency of my sales as a result.

Highly recommended to all portrait photographers.