Anna Gilbert

There couldn’t have been a more perfect time for me to undertake Mark’s life coaching. I was truly lost in my self-limitations, not knowing where I wanted to go with my business and confused with my personal relationships. From the very first session I was challenged to dig deep and look at what parts of my life needed the most attention. At times it was very confrontational but it was exactly what I needed to go through to see clearly and find direction. I now have exciting plans for my short and long term goals and they are so very real and attainable now that my destructive self-talk is under control. I now have great strategies for dealing with challenges that come my way. I already have a better relationship with my young son, friends and family – and most importantly with myself.”

“I am really looking forward to a future of implementing these strategies in my life and creating the success I know I deserve. Thank you Mark – it has truly transformed my life being a part of this program and I can’t recommend it highly enough!!