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Supplier Interviews

I get asked all the time about education, software programs, products, labs, equipment etc. With over 10 years in the portrait and wedding photography business, I have worked with some amazing companies and meet people from all over the world. Here are some of the best suppliers and the biggest names in the industry. It is super important to make sure you have a great relationship with your suppliers, so make sure you are kind and polite and when you need help they will do all that they can to make sure you can get back up and running asap or get the products you need in a timely fashion.

Here are some supplier interviews for you to have a look at. I do these when I go to various Expo’s, conference’s, Workshop’s, etc. It’s a little bit of fun at the same time so i hope you enjoy the mini videos. BTW… When you contact them make sure you let them know I sent you 🙂

Print Labs, Wall Art, Boxes, Albums and Desktop Products

Brilliant prints

Product/Service: Print Lab, Wall art and albums

Location: Brisbane Australia

Website: www.bpro.com.au

Seldex Artist Albums

Product/Service: Print Lab. Wall art and albums

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website: www.seldex.com.au

Brilliant prints

Product/Service: Boxes, albums, desktop products

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website: www.thephotographerstoolbox.com

Global Image Products

Product/Service: Boxes, Matts, Desktop products

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website: www.globalimageproducts.com.au

Momento Pro

Product/Service: Print Lab. Photobooks and albums

Location: Chippendale, Australia

Website: www.momentopro.com.au

Graphi Studio

Product/Service: Print Lab. Wall art, Boxes and albums

Location: Italy

Website: www.graphistudio.com/z


Product/Service: Albums and Wall Art

Location: New Zealand

Website: www.queensberry.com


Product/Service: Printing

Location:  Australia

Website: www.epson.com.au

Ink FX

Product/Service: Print Lab. Wall art, Boxes and Desktop

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Website: www.inkfxprinting.com

Bespoke Packaging

Product/Service: Packaging

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Website: www.bespokepackaging.biz/

Print 2 Metal

Product/Service: Metal Wall Art

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website: www.print2metal.com

Ink Jet Lab

Product/Service: Print Lab. Canvas, Framing

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Website: www.inkjetlab.com.au


Studio Ninja

Product/Service: Packaging

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Website: www.bespokepackaging.biz/


Product/Service: Video Editing

Location:  USA

Website: www.animoto.com


Product/Service: Selling Album Design, Wall art, print material

Location: USA

Website: www.fundydesigner.com


Product/Service: Online Gallery

Location: USA

Website: www.shootproof.com


Product/Service: Selling Artwork and albums

Location: Perth, Australia

Website: www.timeexposure.com

Education and Training

Jerry Ghionis

Product/Service: Wedding Education

Location: USA, Australia

Website: www.jerryghionis.com


Product/Service: Podcast

Location:  Sydney, USA

Website: photobizx.com

IPS Mastermind

Product/Service: Photography IPS

Location:  USA

Website: www.ipsmastermind.net

Photography Equipment and Services

Kayell Australia

Product/Service: Photographic Equipment

Location: Sydney, Australia

Website: www.kayellaustralia.com.au

Eizo Monitors

Product/Service: Monitors

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Website: www.kayellaustralia.com.au/eizo


Product/Service: Camera’s

Location: Sydney, Australia

Website: www.olympus.com.au

Fuji Film Australia

Product/Service: Photographic Equipment

Location: Australia

Website: www.fujifilm.com.au


Product/Service: Camera Insurance

Location:  Australia

Website: www.business-insurance.aon.com.au/



Product/Service: Camera Equipment

Location:  Australia

Website: www.nikon.com.au