“Fly on the Wall” Photography Shoots

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall and watch a photography session with an experienced master photographer? To watch and listen how to communicate, educate, soft-sell and shoot for the end product in mind with a client?

I’m creating a series called “Fly on the Wall” Photography Shoots for education. As a photography business coach it’s easy to say “do this, say that, shoot for the end product in mind, make the sale” etc, so these educational shoots are a way I can actively show how all the steps come together.

This is an opportunity for 5 people to be a fly on the wall and watch me in action. See the full client photographic experience which includes.

What does the session cover?

  • ​Setting up the studio before the client arrives
  • Pre shoot planning with the client. Go thought the 6 steps to help set yourself up for the win.
  • The session is self. lighting, posing, interacting and fun. Watch how specific I get to make sure I have the shots I need with the end product in mind.
  • The “Take down” Information to give after the session and help educate the clients about the design appointment, products, wall collections, payments, etc.
  • Then the client goes home and we have open Q & A at the end.

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How much does it cost?

Nothing my gift from me to you.