Photographer Interviews

One of the things I love most about the photography industry is that we get to meet some of the most awesome, colourful and nicest people around. Not only are they ridiculously creative and amazing artists, they are also lovely to speak with and are more than happy to have a chat and share some of their experiences with you. Here are some photographer interviews for you to have a look at. I do these when I go to various Expo’s, conference’s, workshop’s, etc. They Are from a hand held Iphone, it’s a little bit of fun at the same time so I hope you enjoy the mini videos.

Towards the end of every interview I always ask the same question “With all the knowledge and information you have now. What would today you go back and tell yourself when you where just starting out?” Their answers are awesome. Some are like “follow your passion” others are “learn about business” and some are just out of the box. You’re going to love it.

Plus, make sure you check out their website’s, they are amazing! In no particular order….