Life Coaching Brisbane

The Life Design Program – Design the future of your dreams!

Mark is a qualified in Life coaching and practitioner of NLP . The Life Design Program is created for anyone and everyone not just photographers. Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, work friends, even your next door neighbour.

With this program you can:

​Clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs
Gain a deeper understanding of what drives your results in your life
Learn valuable techniques to overcome barriers and get “un-stuck”
Work with you to set up goals and design the future of your dreams!
The Life Design Program is a collection of twelve life coaching models that have been designed to help you achieve change in any area of your life. Using this program, we will be able to open up deep and meaningful dialogue about how you view and experience your life; your ability to know what’s driving you and what’s important to you; and how to change your actions for different results.

The Life Design Program is for you if you are:

Feeling “stuck”
Are self-sabotaging
Wanting to know yourself better
Feeling disappointed with your current results in life
Feel like there is “more” out there
Wanting to enjoy your daily life more
Looking for ways to improve your current “good” life to create a “great” one
Seeking a new direction in life
Looking for ways to develop yourself.
Whilst outcomes for professional Life Coaching will vary widely based on your individual needs, preferences, beliefs, values and actions, you can reasonably expect to achieve some or all of the following outcomes at the completing of the program:

Clear understanding of your whole life at present, including identification of specific areas for change / improvement
A clear understanding of the options available to move forward in your life AND a plan to do so
Identification of the hidden drivers of your behaviour
Ability to align inner processes more with your desired outcomes to accelerate results
Clearer picture of the moments of meaning in your life and an empowering interpretation of those events to propel yourself forward to success
More empowered self-talk to cut through the self-sabotage
A proven goal-setting system to increase your effectiveness in goal achievement
A measure of your success with clear plans to move forward.
Mark is extremely passionate about his Life Coaching and always holds a judgement free space for his clients in a safe and well-respected manner. He understands the sensitivity of the topics he’s coaching and is 100% committed to bring everything to the table to coach and help you design the future of your dreams. To take the first step towards the future of your dreams, contact Mark today.