Life coaching and business coaching The Life Design Program – review

Online self coaching personal development course

Welcome, it’s great to have you here – Congratulations on your decision to take the next step in your personal development and business goals. This online self coaching personal development course will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be!

​Together, we’re going to take a fascinating journey into your inner world and discover the keys to becoming all that you can be, in ALL areas of your life. I know that your decision to purchase this program was made because you’re seeking to move your life to the next level. Whether you want better quality relationships or health, more success at work or in your business, or you are looking for change in your physical environment or sense of enjoyment, it all begins here. Using the Personal Coaching Program, you can absolutely experience growth and improvement in all areas of your life – health, wealth, relationships, happiness or love.

I’m genuinely excited to be facilitating this online self coaching personal development course for you and ask of you only one thing. Please, commit to yourself that you will give it 100%. Commit today to take this journey together with total passion and intensity. This is your chance to shine and give it everything you’ve got. Let’s enjoy it; be outrageous, energetic and committed. The results you can achieve if you play at this level will far surpass anything you can possibly imagine.

How to get the most out of the Life Design Program​
Play at 100%
The program is designed to flow in the order that you see it, from session 1 – 8. I ask you to trust in the program and enjoy the ride.​
Session viewing time is anywhere from 10-25mins. Please allow upto and hour each session to take the time to stop and answer questions along the way.
​You can either do this as an intensive course 2 sessions per week Eg: Mon & Thurs or once per week.
You need the time in between session to implement the changes and/or take on the new way of thinking. So please don’t watch all within a few days
Once you complete the Life Design Program please email or call us I would love to hear about your success’s and testimonies.
Please note: When you purchase the Life Design Program ​you have 2 months membership to complete the program. Also select 720pHD on you tube settings for best quality video.

If you get stuck, challenged or need extra support please email

Session 1 – The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of life is a diagnostic tool. It gives us a way of seeing the bigger picture, of stepping back to take stock, and examine each of the different areas of our lives so we can see where we might want to make some improvements.

Video duration – 25mins

Session 2 – Time to GROW

We’re going to dig deeper and gain more of an understanding of your options to start accelerating your progress. The GROW model is world wide, well respected and very effective coaching model. “GROW” Stands for Goals, Reality, Options, Way forward.

Video duration – 13mins

Session 3 – Empower your self talk

Learn to recognise the self-talk that is holding you back- Understand the reasons you say the things to yourself that you say- Learn easy ways to silence your inner critic and create a more empowering inner dialogue- Move forward with more confidence and freedom to create the life you want!

Video duration – 16mins

Session 4 – What do you Want?

One of the biggest challenges we face when we want to change something in our lives, is that we may be very clear on what we DON’T want… but not have much of an idea of what we DO want.

Video duration – 19mins

Session 5 – Principles of success

You are only 5 steps away from understanding the formula for success, learning how to be aware of what around, what changing and to get outstanding results.

Video duration – 20mins

Session 6 – Creating better experiences

Take a big picture view of the kinds of experiences you are having in life and see how we can move the resourceful ones to become more resourceful and enjoyable for you.

Video duration – 8mins

Session 7 – Calling on your strengths

Uncover the hidden strengths to see how they could be used to make the changes you want.

Video duration – 8mins

Session 8 – Celebrating success!

We’re going to check back on that wheel of life, to check your progress and celebrate your wins!

Video duration – 20mins