6 Step plan to starting a successful photography business

Running a successful Photography Business requires more than just great photography skills. The more time you spend planning, the more time (and stress!) you’ll save in the long run. Here’s some key steps to follow when first starting out in your photography business:

1 – Create your brand

A brand is so much more than just a logo. You need to extend your thinking to write out your business vision statements, mission, objectives, purpose and values & beliefs before you go any further. These will be the foundations and cornerstone of your business decisions going forward.

2 – Choose your business model

You need to make sure you have a clear understanding of how your business model works. There are three main business models in the portrait space: “The Experience” gift voucher system, “The Product” preselected packages and “Online / Digital files”. There is no right or wrong model, but each model has factors that you will need to consider.

3 – Choose the right products

Make sure your products need to suit your business model, your brand and photography style. Understand the features, benefits, what style or area the product works in best and how to overcome any objections the client may have about the product.

4 – Create a price list

This can take some time to work out, but start at prices you are comfortable with selling. You can always make adjustments. However… make sure you are actually making money out of your work!

5 – Map out the client experience

You’re not just selling artwork but also the memories that go with the moments you capture. People want great service with a great product. Create a mind map or write a systems and procedures pathway to make sure that each of your clients’ journeys gives them a brilliant experience. Consider at which stage you give out information that tells them the next steps. Test and measure the results, then refine until it’s the ultimate experience for your clients.

6 – Go to market!

This is the classic tale of “What comes first – the chicken or the egg?”. Do you go straight to market and work out any hiccups as you go? Or do you take time to make sure you have all your steps in place before you go deep into marketing? With some solid planning, you can be confidently set up within a few months and have brilliant results right from your first few clients.