photography business coaching by Mark Rossetto

Mark can help you set up a successful photography business

Dear Photographer,

I know it’s not easy being a photography business owner who’s desperately trying to generate a steady stream of clients and income, while balancing life, family and business commitments, especially when nothing seems to work consistently and the bills keep coming in. How much longer can this last?

When you think about where your next client is coming from it can seem overwhelming, because while you’re great at photography, running a business is a blind spot and you worry about it’s longevity and success.

I know that if you could just have more clarity and certainty, then things would be different and you’d finally have your dream business – getting paid to do something you love, because this isn’t just about paying the bills for you, it’s so much more than that – it’s about creating an amazing experience and producing beautiful artwork for your clients!

You wish you could finally stop chasing your tail and laying in bed at night thinking about what bills you have to pay, and start spending some quality time with your family and friends, knowing that your business is running effectively and you’re living the lifestyle you have worked so hard for.

By taking a holistic approach and view, Mark can look at your current business model and help you achieve your life and business goals. Mark can help you redefine what success means to you... you might already be closer than you think!

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Why clients choose Mark

  • Mark has walked and walk and talked the talk. He has a proven track record of creating a successful photography business coaching
  • Mark will minimise your ongoing concerns and fears, by partnering with you to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the photography industry.
  • Mark will help give you clarity, direction and discover the right business model for you to build successful photography business coaching
  • Mark has overcome some of lifes biggest challenges and sees the opportunity in every situation.
  • Mark is continuously training and learning the newest and latest techniques from leaders in the industry from around the world.
  • Mark is not only a Master Photographer with the AIPP but he also has a Diploma in Life Coaching as an NLP practitioner.
  • Mark will help you implement a new marketing plan and business strategy with proven results.
  • Mark will NOT give you a cookie cutter model. This is a total customised, low risk and calculated approach designed just for you.

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