Are you craving motivation, fresh insights, or just swift kick up the butt to get your photography business & marketing back on track for 2024?

The Business Bootcamp series is starting on Tuesday 11th June and ends on Friday 14th June 2024. 

Each day for 1 hour we will have our live training where we will be breaking down different strategies you need to know now and to kick butt for the second half of 2024 

Dates: Tuesday 11th June – Friday 14th June 2024
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM AEST (Brisbane)
Duration: Just 1 hour a day, over 4 days
Cost: It’s Free to attend!

Limited to the First 200 people only!

This bootcamp is designed to be sharp, impactful, and loaded with practical tools to maximise your marketing and sales strategies.

Whether you join us live or catch the replay, you’ll leave each session inspired and equipped with actionable steps to transform your business.

In just four days , we'll Cover:

Day 1: Clients are Made, Not Found

Transform your photography client acquisition approach by building strong relationships. By understanding where clients are at in the buying journey, you can connect with them on a whole new level. This will provide exceptional value through personalised services, turning clients into raving fans to maximise your sales!

Day 2: Get with the Times or get Left Behind

Stay ahead with a strong business mindset in the ever-evolving market of VA's, AI, automation, and technology. Learn how to leverage these tools to streamline your business and continually innovate as new technology emerges. Enhance every aspect of the client journey—from marketing to operations, workflow, and shooting—by integrating cutting-edge solutions to stay competitive and efficient.

Day 3: Maximise Your Sales

Unlock new opportunities to maximize your sales with an optimized Client Fulfillment System. This is crucial for achieving significant sales and turning clients into enthusiastic fans. A seamless client experience can mean the difference between a client spending $500 on digital files or investing $3,000+ on premium products. If your business isn't running smoothly through the client experience, you might as well be throwing money away.

Day 4: Marketing Insights For 2024

We will walk through a number of proven marketing strategies to attract clients in 2024 and build a marketing system that consistently generates leads for your business. It's more than just posting an offer on social media and hoping for sales. You'll learn effective techniques to ensure a steady stream of clients.


When Does it Start?
We kick off at Tuesday 11th June 9am AEST Brisbane Australia 

Do I have to be a PPBN to join the free training?
No this is available and free for anyone who registers

When Do we find the zoom link?
Once you register you will be sent the zoom links for the four days via email. Make sure you save these zoom links

What Genre does this suit?
All genres that have to do with people. Everything from Maternity, Newborn, Sitters, Children, Seniors, Families, Generations, Weddings, Headshots, Personal Branding, Boudoir, Weddings… even Pets! 

What Style of photographer does this suit?
All Styles from Lifestyles, studio, posed, indoor, outdoors and everythiung in between

What if I can’t make the live training?
As long as you have registered you can have access to the replay and watch it at a later date. But they replays will only be available until 30th June 2024. 

Will I be able to ask questions?
They are a presentation format for 45-60mins and then we will have a short Q&A afterwards. All follow up questions will be on the FB group.

What level of Photographer does this suit?
This will suit and level of photographer from just starting out to experienced. As with all training you might be hearing something for the first time that you will implement right away or  you have heard it before and now your in a position to act on it.

Do I need to be involved and have my video on? 
Nope not at all you can just be a Lurker in the background soaking up all the live training goodness 🙂


I have created a +40 page workbook for you to use, as you follow along during the workshop. This will help you stay motivated and focused over the hour. 

The workbook will be made available on Monday Morning 10th June