Studio Ninja Set-Up in a DAY!

You know you need a CRM! But the thought of setting it up and implementing it looks like a massive task and overwhelming…

Yep, In just ONE Day I can get you up and running!!!

This is a Done WITH you NOT for You 1:1 Training

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Hi! It’s Mark Rossetto here.

Photography Business Coach & WPPI Master Photographer.

Need Help Setting up Your Studio Ninja? Well, you are in the right place!

You know you need a CRM! But the thought of setting it up and implementing it looks like a massive task and overwhelming… 

So you stick to what you know and you get stuck in the business congestion of post-it notes, paperwork all over your desk folders of clients and a headache of trying to keep up with who is who in your leads list and where is that client up to?

You have seen all the videos, posts and stories of how other photographers are using a CRM and are feeling frustrated because you don’t have the time and headspace to get it working. 

You know it’s going to make life so much easier and help get to those enquiries right away and make bookings without even picking up the phone.

You have looked at all the CRM options and Studio Ninja has come out on top. But you not sure where to start? It’s going to take you weeks or months to get it up and running but you know you needed it yesterday! 

This is where I Step in…

I’m Mark Rossetto a Double Master Photographer and Photography Business Coach to hundreds of photographers all over the world. I owned a studio photographing over 500 families per year and shooting weddings. 

I know what it means to have a well-organised, systemised CRM, workflow and how to implement this for not only myself but also having a team of photographers and staff.  

Chris and I have been mates for over 10 years, I still remember the phone call “Mate… I’ve got an idea, I’m going to make a CRM for photographers?!” I jumped on board from the very start and have loved watching Studio Ninja go from strength to strength. 

I know the Studio Ninja Program inside and out. It’s a must-have for all Portrait and Wedding photographers.

Done WITH you and NOT done for you!

Each Studio Ninja CRM has to be set up in accordance with you, your business model and the way you think. 

It would be easy to just get all the information from you and fill out all the platform… But what happens in a few weeks when you want to take something and you don’t know how it got there in the first place? That is what happened to me with a previous CRM. I got someone to set it all up but within a few weeks it was useless I didn’t know how to make adjustments and I broke the whole system.

“There’s no point in me doing EVERYTHING and passing it over to you completely done. I can do all the work for you but I want to show you how it’s done step by step. You need to have complete control of what’s been done and know-how so you can make adjustments on your own.”

Does it really just take One day? Yep! It generally takes around 3-4 hours (If you have all the information ready to go or you can use my templates and make the adjustments later.

As A Studio Ninja Ambassador, you get 50% off for the first 12 months! 
Make sure ask me for my coupon code to get the discount.

This is Perfect for you if…

You want to Work SMARTER Not HARDER!

Reply to and book more clients on autopilot

Take control of your business, workflow and make money while you sleep

Look more like a professional business with client quotes, invoices, questionnaires, payments, etc.

You have had Studio Ninja but you know you’re not using it to its full potential 

You know you need a CRM but have no idea how to set it up.

You are just not great at tech and you want someone to do it with you

 Step-by-Step Process

1. Let’s chat

Let’s make sure that Studio Ninja is the right fit for you and how we work together. You can reach out to me by either Filling out the contact form, send me a DM, emailing or giving me a call on 0439552710. Whatever works for you.

2. Book In a Date and Time

As this is a Done with You program. Book in a date and time that suits you best. We can do this on the call or click here to see my diary and book yourself in!

3. Homework and Templates

When you book your session you will sent a questionnaire to fill out with all the details of what I need to get you going. Also, you will get access to all my Templates and workflows to help you along the way. This is tone completed BEFORE our session. As most of the work is already done for you it should take about 1-2 hours to complete.

4. Studio Ninja in a Day!

This is where I will walk you through step-by-step the whole studio ninja program and set it up with you. Allow 3-5 hours for this session. As we are using Zoom, the session will be recorded so you can always go back and rewatch how we did things so you can make adjustments. By the end of the session, it will be done! 

5. Implementation and Training

At the end of the call, we will do a little bit of role-playing and testing the system to make sure that we have implemented everything that you need to run your business and help you with any further training that you need.

6. Ongoing Support for 4 weeks

Once you’re all up and running you will need to keep an eye on the workflow and automation to make sure that it’s all working how you intended it to.

 7. Bonus

You will also get access to my Sprint Masterclass “System and Workflow Mastery” and ALL of my signature working files, templates and blueprints to suit your business. Valued at $295

What is included in my Studio Ninja setup:

Studio Ninja Set up Done with You: One-on-one Zoom Session 3-4 hours.

15-plus years of professional photography industry experience to amplify your workflow. 

My Signature Examples Templates: For Email, Contacts, Questionnaire, workflows, worksheets and examples to Set up your Account (Access Via Google Docs)

Homework: To be completed PRIOR to your Session so we have information ready to input into SN

Accounting: Logo, branding, banners, etc.

Financial: Link payment gateways Paypal, Stripe, and set up GST

Calendar: Link with google 

Email: Connect and create your email signature

Invoice and Payment: Schedules and reminders

Contact Forms: linked with our signature lead-generating marketing method and 3-part email series 

Online Booking: Make it easy for your clients to book with you.

Job Types, Workflows and Automation: To manage and simplify your business to work on autopilot

Templates: Emails, Quote, Invoice, Contract, and Questionnaire templates. (Use my examples as a base and make them your own)  

Integration: Xero, Quickbooks, Picture, Shootproof, Fundy or proselect

Embedding: Contact forms into your website

Past Clients and bookings: You can import or start afresh. 

Automation: Create your automation, but you can keep it manually until you are ready to activate this. 

Implementation and Training: To ensure all is well

Ongoing Support for 4 weeks: Make any adjustments you need with your new set-up.


What happens if it takes longer than the 3-4 hours allocated? 

As long as we have all the information that we need and you have done your homework. It really shouldn’t go over this time. But if this is the case I will work with you until its done… Within Reason 🙂

Does the Homework Take a long time?

You have access to all of my signature templates, workflows, emails, contracts and questionnaires via Google Docs. If the homework isn’t completed, we will use these as examples and placeholders. It is in your best interest to complete the homework so all is completed on our call.

What do I NEED to do Prior to our coaching session?

You will need to have signed up and have access to Studio Ninja.

Gain Access to Google Docs and fill out everything you can to make this process quicker and easier. If anything is not done, I will show you how to do and you will need to do it yourself after our session.

Before the session have a good look around so it’s not the first time you are seeing the back end and how the program works. If you are new to Studio Ninja as an ambassador, you get 50% off for the first 12 months. Use my promo code: MRPBC50


Investment is $950Aus

Fill out the form below or you can Call Mark if you have any questions at all on 0439552710 or email him directly on