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Is your website missing on a Google search? Are you struggling to convert website visits to bookings? Perhaps you’re confused about your website layout?


Get a full review of your website and find out any major fundamentals that are missing or can be improved. Discover some of the latest software to help automate and streamline your business.


For most photographers, your website is your shopfront. With literally thousands of photographers out there these days, how is your website standing out from the crowd? Are you being found? If and when they find you, are they sticking and contacting you for your photography skills and services or bouncing off your page?

Mark has reviewed hundreds of photographers websites and knows there are many out there that show the photographers brilliant artwork and portfolio, but unfortunately that’s as far as it goes. Apart from the basics (home, portfolio, about us and contact us pages), most are missing some major fundamentals including client education, website hooks, copy, FB pixels, keyword tools, products, automation, layout of pages and menus, to name a few.

In this course, Mark will give your website a full review before the session and then set up a time to go page by page through your website with you. You will finish the course with a full checklist of actionable items to improve your website immediately.


– Understand what clients are looking for before they purchase

What’s included / resources:

– 40 min pre-learning video

– 18 page PDF booklet

– Full website review

– Checklist of actionable items

Bonus – How to guides:

– Traffic Builder Blogger

– Lead Magnet and Email Marketing Series

Course Duration:

Up to 2 hours

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