Top 13 Closing Styles

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Are you struggling to get your clients to commit to booking in, choosing prints or finalising their order?


Learn the right techniques to get your answer and move forward.


If you’re struggling to get people to commit to booking in, buying a gift voucher or closing the sale, then this course is for you. You may not even realise you are already using closing techniques, but most people default to about 4-6 ways to close a sale. Imagine if you had 13 techniques under your belt!

Mark will teach you his top 13 closing styles and how to use the right closing style at the right time. He will also teach you how to apply them to booking calls, to get your clients over the line, to finalise their artwork and then commit to a final order.

This is a fun and interactive course (best practiced on your own kids)


– 13 closing style techniques

– Identify which technique to use for which personality type and situation

– Identify your top 4 and how to use them naturally in conversations without sounding like a car sales man

What’s included / resources:

– List of all 13 closing styles and examples when booking and closing the final sale

Course Duration:

1-2 hours