Systems and Workflow

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Are you servicing your clients the way you know you should? Do you want to know what to give to your clients and when, creating a better experience for your clients? Are you feeling your photography business disorganized and you don’t have a system to sort and control of where you clients are at?


Create a business system and workflow that work for you and keeps your clients happy. Ensure that each and every client has a great experience with a great product and service. 


Why do you think most franchises are so successful? It’s because they have detailed systems, workflow and procedures and they stick to them. They’ve created a system that works, which ensures that each and every client has a great experience with a great product and service.

Mark will work with you every step of the way to create a step by step systems and workflow flow chart, from first contact all the way to the client picking up their artwork. He will ensure that your workflow lines up with your business model, products and the services that you offer.

Mark will also teach you about the client buying cycle, which shows you what stage the client is at and what they should receive from you at that time. This ultimately helps create happier, better educated clients who receive a great client experience. 


– A greater understanding of your own business

– Confidence in what you deliver and the experience you can give

– Higher sales average due to better service and client education.

– More consistent sales

What’s included / resources:

– Full detailed workflow system flow chart

– Check list and blueprints from first contact to collection when required

Course Duration:

2 hours