Shoot to sell

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Do you ever feel like you’re shooting blind? Are you losing sales and the clients are unhappy with your images? Perhaps you’re struggling to sell collections and your clients want more variety?


Learn to shoot with purpose and with the end product in mind, to save time during the session and design consultation, which will lead to happier clients.


To shoot with purpose and the end sale in mind, you need to make sure there is enough variety of images and combinations within the family group so you can create collections that tell the family story. Generally speaking, this means the client will likely purchase more because you are now selling multiple images and collections, which leads to greater sales and happier clients.

Mark is an AIPP master photographer, international print judge and has photographed over 2000 families over his 10 year career. In this course, Mark will ask you to produce the images from a minimum of 5 full shoots which he will review and critique. He will look at every aspect of the shoot from the variety, posing, lighting, styling, collections, clothing, expressions, techniques, composition, communication and post production, etc.

From here, Mark will teach you how to critique your own work and help create a shoot lists for you and your style of photography so you can make the most out of each and every client. He will also show you that when you correctly communicate with your clients, you can create images, albums and bespoke artwork to suit their families personality and the style and design of their home, that that they will cherish forever.


– Teach you how to critique your own work

– Create a shoot list for you

– See opportunities to create better images

– Shoot with purpose and the end product in mind

What’s included / resources:

– Templates and layout for collections

Course Duration:

2 hours