Pre shoot questionnaire

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Do you wish your clients could just tell you want they want? Do you ever feel like you’re shooting blind and guessing what your clients like? Do you want to stop wasting time in photo shoots and in the design consultation, simply hoping your clients will like the images and wall art you have produced?


Create a simple to use pre-shoot questionnaire that your clients can fill in within minutes from their mobile phone, telling you exactly what they want.


As we know, sometimes when we chat on the phone things can get lost in translation. Clients may not be listening; you might forget to mention a few key points or the conversation might be cut short. By sending your clients a pre-shoot questionnaire, it’s a safety net and it truly finds out what they want. The completed questionnaire helps you to create a shoot list with the end product in mind, so you can walk into any shoot with confidence.

Visual questionnaires help the client and you to understand what they want, what products they like, where they want to display the artwork, what will suit their home style and décor, plus so much more.


– Learn to ask the right questions to get the best results

– Shoot with the end product in mind

– Help set up and implement the survey system into your workflow

What’s included / resources:

– One questionnaire completed with Send out a survey with the right questions to suit your studio needs.

Course Duration:

Up to 2 hours