Calls That Convert

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Does answering phone calls and handling enquires scare you because you don’t know what to say? Are you struggling to convert your enquires into bookings?


Learn how to educate, excite and connect with your clients like you never have before!


Mark will teach you his 5 step plan to educating your clients, and also his 10 fail-safe questions that will help you when you’re not sure what to say. He will help you dive deeper into your conversations, build rapport and get super specific on what your clients really want.

Mark also helps you understand that there are two major components to every conversation, and it’s how you link them together that helps your clients connect with your photography visually and emotionally.

This course will help you to be a better photographer and learn how to shoot to sell with the end product in mind. After you learn these techniques your conversations with your clients, friends and family will never be the same again.   


– Learn how to convert your enquires into bookings

– Learn how to shoot with the end product in mind

– Educating your clients

– How to go deeper and more specific into conversations

What’s included / resources:

– 40 min pre-learning video

– 24 page PDF booklet

– 2 full phone scripts

– 5 step plan to educating your clients

– 10 fail-safe questions

Bonus (Master your Marekting videos)

– Communication styles

– Closing styles overview

– Marks top 13 closing styles

Course Duration:

up to 2 hours

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