One Hour Coaching


One-to-one, per hour coaching is perfect for the photographer who needs help with small specific tasks or someone who has done coaching with me in the past and just needs a “top-up”, “check-up” or “accountability” session to get back on track or stay focused on the task set on the previous session.

Many photographers like the opportunity to talk to me like a sounding board to give you clarity on ideas, tasks, projects, marketing, etc. A lot of people are solo business owners and sometimes don’t have the right people to turn to for good, sound advice.

This session can be used in a few ways such as being accountable for the previous session or you have a list of questions/tasks you want to be covered and we work through them one by one. It’s really a unique chance to ask me anything and get your business moving in the right direction.

When you fill out the questionnaire and book in time, we will have a chat over the phone to sort out exactly what you want to be covered and what you need help with. I’ll send you some resources ahead of time to do so that when we have our coaching session we hit the ground running.

What’s included / resources:

– Mark has a HUGE library or resources available, depending on what you need at the time

Course Duration:

Minimum one hour but I find most book in 2 hours to make the best use of time together or book in for the half-day 4 hours as it’s a bit better value.

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