The Marketing Journey Map

Discover The 9 Core Areas Of Your Photography Marketing Success With A Proven by 100’s Of Photographers Around the World!

Do you LOVE photography, but struggle with MARKETING business?

Marketing is so much more than just creating one-off campaigns to fill your books and keep you busy for a few weeks at a time. 

I want to help you to create a sustainable business, where you have a good foundation of sales and marketing, the balance of marketing strategies between passive, active and digital marketing, where clients are loyal to your brand and have a positive experience along the way to become raving fans, which with help scale and grow your business.

I’ve broken this down into 9 cores area’s with 5 examples in each for you to work on. 

1) Foundations of sales and marketing
(Brand identity & digital foot print, learn how to supercharge your website and how to create an offer)

2) Marketing strategies (Passive, active and digital marketing strategies that all photographers MUST do)

3) Scale and grow your business (Closing and Converting your leads, 12-month marketing plan and retain/repeat business)

What You Will Learn:

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100’s of photographers from around the world can’t all be getting it wrong. Check out the videos below and read the most recent reviews amazing stories and client testimonials on “Mark Rossetto Coaching” FB Page Reviews page. The results speak for themselves.

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