The Studio Operations Manual for Photographers

The Photography Studio Operations Manual is a library of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) covering 15 chapters and 150 topics to help you scale up your operations and improve efficiency.

This is the most comprehensive Photography Studio Operations Manual you'll ever see!

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Hi! It’s Mark Rossetto here.

Photography Business Coach & WPPI Master Photographer.

Imagine having a library of procedures, processes and templates on tap whenever you need them.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) covering all aspects of your business that tell you EXACTLY what you need to do, help train your team or onboard new staff.

And I don’t need to tell you how absolutely critical SOPs are if you’re trying to scale your Photography Studio!

I have built and scaled a thriving 6-figure Photography Studio in a notoriously competitive and oversaturated market.

And today I am going to reveal how YOU can “The Photography Studio Operations Manual” to scale your Photography Business to levels you never thought possible.

“The Photography Studio Operations Manual” is essentially a “Business in a Box” with 150 procedures across 15 chapters from Accounting, Staffing and Tech to Health & Safety, Pricing, Job Management AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

This is PERFECT for those starting a photography business and looking to get set-up quickly and efficiently.

This is also for you if you already have a successful photography studio and are looking to scale up and take it to the next level.

You might be a Newborn Photographer, you might be Family Photographer, a Pet or Personal Branding Photographer. You might be an IPS based business or sell collections and packages up front.

We are all in the same boat of being in an incredibly competitive market and needing to run your studio as efficiently as possible.

I have been at the coal face and built a successful photography studio.

I’m not just out here trying to sell a product not having been where you are and run a studio myself.

I am not a business guru. I am a photographer and business owner.

These are the EXACT processes and procedures I use and many other of my clients, with great success.

So at this stage you might be thinking, well that’s great it worked for you Mark, but my business is different. It might be that you’re in a small town, work from home or have no money to spend on marketing.

I can tell you right now …. they are nothing but excuses.

I have worked with clients across all photography genres and throughout the world. And those that have gone all in and fully implemented these exact SOPs, have seen HUGE success.

I am really excited to be pulling back the curtain and teaching you everything I know.

So go ahead.

Take the next step and I will see you on the other side.

Standard Operating Procedures or "SOPs"

A SMARTER Way to do Business

So what are SOPs? They are “standard operating procedures” and your SECRET WEAPON that allows you to build a well oiled machine that is profitable and scalable. 

SOPs are essentially easy to follow, step-by-step walkthroughs and instructions that show you and your team how to execute specific business tasks.

They are SURE FIRE RECIPES so you don’t need to figure it out yourself.

They help you save time and resources as well as AUTOMATE and SCALE your Photography Business!

No need to work on the same task over and over again … reinventing the wheel each time. 

Implement the SOPs from “The Photography Studio Operations Manual” and streamline your business, so you can focus on what really matters.

A COMPLETE "SOP" Library for Your Photography Business

What's included in the Operations Manual.


Let’s get started! This chapter will walk you through the Mark Rossetto HQ platform and what to expect from The Photography Studio Operations Manual. With 150+ Standard Operating Procedures within the manual, we want to make sure you get the knowledge and understanding you need to take control of your business!

Create your own Operations Manual

The fun part … you get to create your own Operations Manual! There are many different ways to do this depending on which software you want to use. Let’s look at some of the options.

Studio Management

This is the practical side of running a business that covers topics of how to run the day-to-day operations of the business including opening and closing procedures, cleaning processors, productivity sheets, weekly shopping list, stock ordering and how to layout your studio for the greatest success. 

Accounting & Business Administration

As boring as accounting and business administration sounds, it is extremely important to get this correct when you’re setting up your business or when your business is more established how to protect your assets and what is required legally to ensure your business is set up correctly.

Technology & Tools

There are thousands of different apps software and technology that you can use to run your business. In this chapter, we break it down to the technology and tools needed to run your business efficiently.

Staffing & Employment

One of the most comprehensive chapters in The Photography Studio Operations Manual! Map out your organisational structure, download position description templates and follow the recruitment and interview process when hiring staff. Also includes 20 HR policies to protect you and your staff.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety SOPs will detail the procedures and policies required to minimise the health and safety risk to staff and clients in the workplace. These include First Aid, Emergency Management, Covid Policy and more!

Pricing & Products

This chapter is all about how to price yourself for profit and choosing the best products for your business model and photography style.  You will discover how to work out your COGs and CODB as well as the features and benefits of the products your choose to sell.


Let’s start by defining the Vision, Mission and Ideal Audience of your Photography Business. And then create your marketing material with more than 20 Print Collateral templates and designs. These include tri-folds, Experience Guides, Product Guides, Referral Cards, Price Lists, flyers and more!

Customer Service

This chapter is all about Customer Service! We cover everything from telephone etiquette, how to answer your inbound and outbound calls, genre conversation questions, booking and cancellation scripts, objection handling scripts, closing styles, refund policies and more!

Client Management

Do you have a Client Management System in place? Does it sync with your Email Marketing tool? Do you have a process in place to manage your dead leads? This chapter will walk you through the SOPs on how to keep your Client Database up-to-date so you can make decisions quickly and implement marketing campaigns efficiently.

Job Management

Is your Job Workflow a well oiled machine? The the Job Management chapter will take you through all of the SOPs Booking to Post Production. Consider this your roadmap to the ultimate Client Experience and all the steps in between from sending a quote to ordering the final artwork.

Photography Session

The Photography Session is so much more than just taking pretty photos! It’s ensuring you and your clients are fully prepped to have the best experience possible. This chapter will walk your through SOPs including the Pre-Shoot Checklist, Product Walk-Throughs at the session and my favourite … the Photography Audit & Review.

Ordering Session

You’ve done all the work to book the session, capture beautiful photographs and educate them about your products … now we need to WOW them at the Ordering Appointment. This chapter covers the SOPs and scripts needed to give them the most AMAZING experience and maximise the final sale. 

Artwork Collection

This has got to be one of my favourite parts of the Client Experience. When a client sees their artwork for the very first time, it should be an experience in itself! Having them collect their artwork from your studio or dropping it off at their home is a great way to ensure the client has been looked after every step of the way. Let’s go that extra mile with Product Care Guides, Feedback Questionnaires and Stickers for the artwork.  

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Here's what you will also get when you join today:

Lifetime “On Demand” Access to Step-By-Step Modules
15x modules, with 150+ topics taught by Mark. Each Topic has a short sharp lesson focused on you taking action and implementing the strategies. No annoying drip feeding of content. All training is available when you join today.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime
This is an online “training on-demand” course. Whether it be your tablet, mobile, or laptop – you can view this course anytime, anywhere.

This is a Studio Operations Procedures “Manual”
A part from the intro video, there are no other videos in this course. This course has over 150 topics of Processes, Policies, Scripts, Templates, Step by Step Instructions, etc.   


If you have the Master Your Marketing and/or shooting for success… Should I get this too or is it different?
Yes, The other course are all videos about the theory and talking through the process. This SOP’s is the actual procedure, step by step and cover over 70% of new information that has never been seen before.  

If I don’t have the staff or a team is it relevant for me?
Yes, As I work through almost every procedure and process that every professional portrait photographer needs to run a successful, client-focused experience.  Included Marketing collateral templates, phone calling scripts, studio policies and checklist galore!  

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