Calls That Convert

“How to educate and connect with your clients to get booked on the spot!”

Do you LOVE photography, but struggle with TALKING to your client on the phone?

If Superman was a photographer, the phone would be his kryptonite! Photographers run from the phone like it’s the plague.

Why? They don’t know what to say and when to say it!

Calls that convert

What You Will Learn:

Course includes: An online Masterclass Training Video (1:25mins) and comprehensive workbook (28 pages), scripts and templates. Upgrade to add a personalised 1:1 session with me for customised and tailored training. Plus 3 Bonus video’s which includes over 2 hours of awesome content!

Cost: $295AUD Online Masterclass only. $495AUD Masterclass and 1:1 Coaching with Mark for up to two hours.

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