Photography business coaching Brisbane with Mark Rossetto

Business Coaching

Photographers... are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with how much you need to know and do to build your photography business? Do you need photography business coaching??business coaching

You may have spent years developing your skills in photography, but it's just as important to develop your business skills. Systems and procedures need to be refined and streamlined to increase your profits and cash flow, to give you the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Mark understands the challenges of being a portrait and wedding photography business owner. With over 10 years experience working directly in the portrait and wedding industry, Mark has a tested and proven record of success. He can teach you the systems and procedures required to create a highly profitable photography business wether you are a student or a full time professional photographer. No matter what stage your photography business is currently at, Mark can help with business coaching needs

How it Works

Every coaching session is fully customised to your needs. At the beginning of your coaching package, you and Mark will examine each of the different areas in your photography business, including your family life and the dreams and direction you may want to take. This gives a way of seeing the bigger picture, of stepping back to take stock and really understand what's happening. Specific goals and tasks are defined, with a plan created to get you one step closer to achieving your dream business.

There are so many areas that you could cover - there's the marketing, client experience, phone calls, shooting, editing, pro-select, database, system set-ups, selling techniques, product design, price lists, studio layout - the list is endless! A week could be spent on just one topic! Mark is mindful of time and maximises every moment spent together. In the initial planning sessions, Mark makes sure you are both on the same page and going in the same direction, with clear and understood expectations of each other. Sometimes you will need to work side by side to achieve a specific outcome, and other times there will be a to-do list created. Each client and situation is different. Mark can't wait to help you define what success looks like to you, and move closer to your dream business.