Testimonials - Mark Rossetto photography business coaching

​Client Testimonials

Read the amazing stories and client testimonials below and more recent on "Mark Rossetto Coaching" FB Page from some of the people that Mark has coached. The results speak for themselves....

Workshop feedback

"Mark's workshop was a great resource for highlighting areas of my business that need work and how to work through things that are blocking my journey. He also provided a great workbook to work on in my own time to get me thinking about these and other items."

"Mark understands the issues facing a photography business and has an easy going manner to assist in growing the business."

"Very refreshing take on a photography business workshop. Engaging, affirming and fun. Highly recommend to people looking to enter a new chapter in their business."

"Mark provides a clear workshop which is easy to understand and follow. Mark goes out of his way to explain and takes the time to answer all questions. He is a very good educator."

"Dynamic and engaging presenter. He brings life to the topics he discusses and makes them relevant and easy to grasp. As such his interest is genuine in helping and in ensuring your success. On the few occasions I have had with Mark I have been left pondering as well as interested in more. That's a fabulous way to be. I recommend Mark as a coach especially if you want clarity and to propel yourself."

"Mark's ability to pass on his knowledge is exceptional. His years of experience is valuable to any photographer seasoned or beginner. If you need to refresh your Pro-select skills or selling skills in general make sure you go to Mark's next seminar."

"The wealth of knowledge he passed on and things to consider when making decisions about my business was brilliant"​

Karen Pike, Vanilla Images, Vic, Aus

"I’ve been shooting portraiture for a while now, so went into the "Become a master of in person sales" workshop, expecting just to pick up a few Proselect tips and tricks. I was really surprised to find that this workshop however covered the complete step-by-step customer buying experience, from initial contact to end delivery. This workshop is really laid out as a complete system to set yourself and your client up for not only a sale that makes both you and your client happy, but also ensures that you are providing exceptional customer service along the way."

"If you are just starting out, this workshop will give you a roadmap to follow, or if you are a seasoned pro, this workshop allows you to look at your entire client experience and work on the areas that need improvement (we all have some!). I’ve only had a chance to implement a few of the steps in this system, and have already seen an increase in the consistency of my sales as a result."

"Highly recommended to all portrait photographers."

Dean Mansbridge, M.Photographer I Zanzo Portraits, Tas, Aus

"I own and run a busy little studio in Hobart which has been going for 7 or so years now. Mid 2015 I was in a bit of rut and the opportunity to hang out with Mark for the day came up…. ‘tomorrow’ … I booked a flight to Melbourne that night for the red-eye the next day which turned out to be a life changing decision. I spent a whole day with Mark in his studio which was a really enlightening experience. Mark was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge in all aspects of the portrait business."

"I came away with a much needed clarity in the direction I wanted my business to go and brain full of ideas - too many to mention here - but perhaps the biggest takeaway was a in relation to expos. By implementing a few different strategies we booked 5 times more shoots at the 2016 baby expo than we did in 2015 - that makes a BIG difference!"​

Ian Howell Vic, Aus

"Mark, Your presentation this evening was one of the best I have attend in 41 years of seminars and it is clear why you are a star in the Australian portrait scene. I have absolutely no doubt you will soon join the handful of brilliant mentors guiding professional photographers around the globe".

Anna Gilbert Anna Gilbert Photography, Qld, Aus

"There couldn’t have been a more perfect time for me to undertake Mark’s life coaching. I was truly lost in my self-limitations, not knowing where I wanted to go with my business and confused with my personal relationships. From the very first session I was challenged to dig deep and look at what parts of my life needed the most attention. At times it was very confrontational but it was exactly what I needed to go through to see clearly and find direction. I now have exciting plans for my short and long term goals and they are so very real and attainable now that my destructive self-talk is under control. I now have great strategies for dealing with challenges that come my way. I already have a better relationship with my young son, friends and family - and most importantly with myself."

"I am really looking forward to a future of implementing these strategies in my life and creating the success I know I deserve. Thank you Mark - it has truly transformed my life being a part of this program and I can’t recommend it highly enough!!​"

Johl DunnJD Portrait Art, Vic, Aus

"In speaking to Mark and discussing business structures and procedures he gave me two great tips that have made a big difference in our sales and client interaction. If you are wanting to improve performance in your business and want some great tips to change your client experience and average sale then Mark is your man."

Lisa Clues Qld, Aus

"I have just completed a 6 session, 2 weeks intensive coaching program with Mark, and I have to say that the results I achieved were far greater than I anticipated."

"I initially contacted Mark for coaching relating to my business and career. The way he took me outside of my comfort zone and challenged me gave me the safety to let go of the small, just enough goals and commitments I had made. For the first time, I put my dreams down on paper (and what do you know I had personal dreams and goals too). I found the steps I needed to take to achieve my goals and Mark helped me break things down, drawing on other experiences I shared, to show me I had what I needed to do what needed to be done. Before I started the sessions my dream business would take me 12 months to create. Through the sessions he helped me focus on the right order for the steps so I could see I was making progress and in turn where I was going, now my new dream business is now only 4 months away!"

"The extra bit of gold I got out of the sessions, was that once I had this road map, I could share it with others and people wanted to help me work through the actions – suddenly I had the team I wanted working on my side (personally and professionally). Not only did this help my confidence, it gave me a focused purpose which I was also able to share with others I met on a daily basis and the head space where I could see the value I could add. Breaking through the obstacles I was putting before me, has really made me see that anything is possible. You truly can be the best version of yourself personally and professionally. Thanks for helping me find out what that best version of me looks like Mark."

Melina Regnier Regnier Cakes & President of the Melbourne Wedding Group, Vic, Aus

"Mark Rossetto has been the biggest influence in my business to date. His mentoring, encouragement, support and knowledge has helped be build my business to get my 5 year goals down to 3 year goals. He not only has done this for myself but for over 50 businesses in the Melbourne Wedding Group. Mark understands what it is to grow a small business and looks at every area in your industry to work out not one plan but many to get you to achieve your goal. He knows that every business is at different stage and he works to each need as they arise. I would not be in the position I am today if it was not for Mark with his training and support."

Shireen Hammond, M.Photographer II Feild Of Vision, Vic, Aus

"As a seminar junky, it's not often that I fill an A5 notebook with pages of great notes and fabulous content that actually got me excited to be a photographer, in one two and a half hour session!! But that's exactly what happened when I asked Mark if he would be a guest speaker at an AIPP seminar. I can honestly say that listening to him was brilliant! Not only did he make it fun but more importantly the content was exciting, fresh and do-able and I walked away with practical ideas that I could apply in my business the very next day. A very genuine thank you Mark for an extremely inspirational and informative evening!"

Damien Bowerman, M.Photographer I Vic, Aus

"I attended Mark’s seminar last year and found it hugely informative. Hearing how he went from running a studio in his garage to opening a boutique studio in Brighton in just a few short years, was inspirational to say the least! With his passion and business experience, I learnt how to focus on my strengths and outsource my weaknesses amongst other things. He is a wealth of knowledge that I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and business. Mark knows his stuff!"

Moana Robinson (previous coffee addict) Qld, Aus

"Hey Mark, wanted to say thank you for helping me immediately flip the switch on my increasing dependence on coffee. I was starting to have more coffee than I wanted to and appreciate your help to quit. The result was immediate. I haven't had the craving since ...no more hanging out for that caffeine fix. Great work!"

Helen Henry Rhubarb Photography, Qld, Aus
“Having worked with other mentors and business coaches I found Mark to be so genuine in helping me find the right business structure to suit me and my family. He helped me to clear the clutter in my mind to see exactly what I wanted and what I needed to do to get me there. I didn’t want a cookie cutter solution to the issues I was having. I wanted a real solution to my needs and that is exactly what he was able to help me do. Working with Mark has given me clarity, motivation and a plan to move forward to achieve the results I am looking for at this stage of my life and career. Thank you Mark!”
Lisa Huelin Lisa Huelin Photography, Qld, Aus

"Coaching with Mark was a very positive and motivating experience. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve."

"Mark is a skilful coach who, with his insightful questions and great listening skills, helped me pinpoint my greatest challenges in maximizing my efforts to accomplish my business goals; helped me set my priorities straight, and was instrumental in helping me put together a step-by-step plan to help me get unstuck in certain areas of my business and career."

"Coaching with Mark allowed me to figure out how I could combine my passion for photography and my education degree to build a business based on my strengths. Previously, I had been struggling with my own business due to past negative experiences, and fear prevented me from taking the steps necessary to make a success of it. Mark's coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to explore new ideas within my business and how I could make it work for me. What I was most grateful for was that Mark really listened to me and understood my personal challenges. The steps he suggested were practical and doable for my personal situation. I cannot thank Mark enough!"